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  • If the whining in your car's coming from the engine instead of the back seat, it could well mean that you're in need of a new cambelt. Grab this deal and you'll soon be sorted.
  • Because Lopez Auto Repair know how important it is that this crucial component of your car is taken care of, they're happy to handle everything from four-cylinder engines to V6s, four-wheel drives, diesels and even commercials – just choose the coupon to suit.
  • More than just the great savings you'll be making today, getting on top of your engine issues early could well see you saving money in the long run.

Grab a cambelt replacement from Lopez Auto Repairs.

Choose from Two Options:

  • $439 for Japanese four-cylinder petrol vehicles
  • $549 for commercial vehicles, diesels, boxer engines, 4x4s and V6 petrol engines