$4.99 for One Kebab or Rice Meal $4.99 for One Kebab or Rice Meal $4.99 for One Kebab or Rice Meal $4.99 for One Kebab or Rice Meal
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  • It's well known that democracy was first formed and developed by Athenians in Greece, however the reason it came about it less known. Essentially, though not confirmed, it was all about food and ensuring citizens had as much choice as possible. It's in that spirit that GrabOne offer's you today's deal.
  • Get your fill and taste magical Mediterranean when you venture into Little Greece Kebab on K Road for any kebab or rice meal.
  • Using only the freshest ingredients, Halal meats and vegetarian options, no matter what your culinary inclinations are, you can find a sumptuous offering here.
  • If you need a break from a day of op-shopping or a hearty snack before heading home after a gig, nothing will fill that empty stomach and satisfy like a kebab or rice meal.
  • Make sure you keep your coupon handy, Little Greece Kebab is open seven days so a tasty kebab can be yours whenever you want it.
Grab any kebab or rice meal for just $4.99 at Little Greece Kebab.