Ticket to Larkin Po at The Powerstation, Auckland on April 18th 2020 (Booking & Service Fees Apply)


  • Tuning Fork is proud to present Larkin Poe, the American Blues-Rock band who will be performing their gritty, soulful, southern heritage in Auckland this April.
  • Rebecca and Megan Lovell, the multi-instrumentalist sister duo are descendants of tortured artist and creative genius Edgar Alan Poe and ‘Larkin Poe’ was the name of the sisters’ great-great-great-grandfather.
  • The new album Venom & Faith only includes two covers— “Sometimes” by Bessie Jones and “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” by Skip James.
  • Otherwise it is all original material from the Lovell sisters. Two singles, the no-nonsense “Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues” and the hip-hop-influenced “Ain’t Gonna Cry”.
  • Creating their own brand of Roots Rock ‘n’ Roll: gritty, soulful, and flavoured by their southern heritage, Larkin Poe are on the rise and rise.

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