Do Something Tree-Warding - Donate a Tree to Help Our Waterways Do Something Tree-Warding - Donate a Tree to Help Our Waterways


  • Native trees planted near waterways act like a natural sieve, helping to filter out excess nutrients before they can enter water. They also help to prevent soil erosion, reduce greenhouse gases, and provide shade and habitats for native birds, fish, and insects.
  • Every tree planted makes a difference, so donate a tree to Trees That Count to add to the virtual forest – ready for the 2020 planting season.
  • Trees That Count will let you know where your tree (or trees) will be planted. You can also like The Vision is Clear on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for more updates on Tree-warding. 
  • Trees That Count and The Vision is Clear will organise planting events to benefit waterways in the next planting season. The Hits will be there and they'd love lots of New Zealanders to join us too!
  • Do Something Tree-warding is an initiative by The Vision is Clear to inspire all Kiwis to get involved in looking after New Zealand’s rivers, streams, lakes and beaches
  • Trees That Count is a conservation charity on a mission to see millions more native trees planted throughout New Zealand
  • It all adds up to healthier waterways, so do something Tree-warding and donate a tree today!
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