Sorry Folks, this one was an April Fool's prank! But hit 'buy' to check out our awesome prizes up for grabs from AJ Hackett Bungy Auckland!


  • One Tree Hill has stood idle for too long. Enter AJ Hackett Bungy Auckland, who will string up their one-of-a-kind, 182m-high, 800m-long zipline from the tip of the monument down the surrounding paddocks. 
  • Hair blown back and the scent of Auckland’s only metro farm forced into your nostrils as you reach speeds of up to 194km/h, you’ll have unrivalled views of Onehunga’s Dressmart and the iconic Royal Oak roundabout. 
  • You’ll careen into a paddock below, where a number of Cornwall’s finest fleecy locals will personally supply you with a soft, warm landing.
  • Save the date now for this new extreme experience coming soon!

Grab a One Tree Hill zipline ride for the exclusive presale price of just $35 from AJ Hackett Bungy Auckland.

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