$200 Voucher for Diode Triple Wavelength Laser Hair Removal $200 Voucher for Diode Triple Wavelength Laser Hair Removal


  • Laser hair removal is proven to be the most effective and long term treatment of unwanted hair, so why not visit Ayu Beauty and Tattoo Studio.
  • Receive a $200 voucher to use toward any full session of diode laser hair removal, from full chest and stomach, full back and shoulders, full legs or full arms.
  • Diode laser hair removal uses a triple wavelength of light, which disrupts the melanin inside the hair follicle, while not impacting the surrounding tissue.
  • With brand new technology, recently purchased and brought to New Zealand, and highly trained and experienced staff, you will not be disappointed by the results.

Grab a $200 voucher for diode triple wavelength laser hair removal for $100 from Ayu Beauty and Tattoo Studio.

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