Nail Treatment Packages Nail Treatment Packages


  • Those gloves and socks were hibernation vessels for the winter, but now it's time for your nails to make their glorious escape.
  • Get them ready to see the sun with a visit to Bliss Nails & Beauty.
  • A dodgy DIY job is no way for your nails to make an entrance, so treat yourself to a sleek professional finish.
  • Bliss Nails & Beauty have a gorgeous selection of shades to choose from, so you can step into the sunny season wearing a hue to suit you.
  • Valid for new customers only.

Grab a nail treatment package from Bliss Nails & Beauty.


Choose from four options:

  • $19 for an OPI manicure (normal polish)
  • $29 for a gel manicure
  • $29 for an express gel pedicure
  • $35 for a deluxe spa pedicure (OPI normal polish)
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