60-Minute Massage - Three Styles Available 60-Minute Massage - Three Styles Available


  • Don't let the aches and pains of life slow you down, head to this great Napier location and walk out ready to live life in the fast lane once again.
  • Choose from the variety of massages - from deep tissue, sports, or relaxation, with CanDo Health and Fitness, there's simply no better way to unwind, so give this expert a call and book a date to unwind today. 
  • David understands the structure of the body and how it works - can provide personalised suggested exercises and remedial work for you to try at home, to really sort out your aches and pains.
  • Bookings available from September 13th.

Grab a 60-minute massage for $27 from CanDo Health and Fitness.

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