60-Minute Re-Balancing Swedish Relaxation Massage 60-Minute Re-Balancing Swedish Relaxation Massage


  • The massage therapist at The Wellness Shed is Denise Nairn - as a qualified senior therapist, Denise has over 15 years experience working with clients in the massage and wellness industry.
  • Your therapist, Denise, will firstly discuss your massage procedure and assess any allergies and specific areas of concern before the massage commences.
  • Your relaxation massage is for you so they like to know what it is you're really needing - soft, medium, or a firmer pressure to help relax you. 
  • This adjustment of pressure makes it an ideal massage for relaxation and can suit anyone.
  • Relaxing your body is key along with easing the chatter in the mind.
  • A wonderful 60 minute relaxing Swedish Massage will certainly be a magical gift for yourself or someone you love
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