Get the Viva Tote Bag that Gives Sight Get the Viva Tote Bag that Gives Sight


  • Give the Gift of Sight and help The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ end avoidable blindness in the Pacific. Plus you’ll get a tote bag designed by VIVA magazine.
  • The economic impact of restoring sight in the Pacific is significant, affecting more than one life.
  • In fact ever dollar given to restoring someone’s sigh is worth more than 4x that to their local economy. It allows people to go back to work, finish their education and become independent.
  • Viva has partnered up with The Foundation to design a limited edition tote bag, free with every gift donation to the foundation, to the value of $35. This covers the cost of a cataract operation and five pairs of glasses in the Pacific.
  • Representing the colours and textures of the main market in Salelologa, Savai’i, where they sell fresh local produce every day, this beautiful piece of art symbolises the urge for the people in the Pacific to go back to their roots of healthy fresh produce.
  • The piece titled ' Fresh Choice' also features the many bold and beautiful colours found in the market place that makes being able to see well all the more needed and appreciated.
  • Urban, PO Box and rural delivery available.
  • We'll try as hard as we can to get this out to you before Christmas but sometimes unpredictable things can cause delays which unfortunately means we can't absolutely guarantee Christmas delivery on this item. 

Grab the Viva tote bag that gives sight for $35 thanks to The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ.

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