We do more than just coupons! If you're looking to buy a product for delivery on GrabOne there are a few things worth knowing.

How much does delivery cost?

Because we work with a wide range of suppliers, freight costs can be different from deal to deal.

We make these costs as simple and transparent as possible, and explain any delivery costs in the conditions section on each deal. But if you're ever not sure, the discussion boards are open so you can always get an answer and buy in confidence.

How long does delivery take?

Every deal has its own delivery timeframe displayed (in business days) right under the BUY button.

I have a rural address, can I still get it delivered?

We encourage all our suppliers to offer rural delivery options. Sometimes these cost more to deliver and the freight charge may be slightly higher - but this will be clear on the deal. Just make sure you choose the right delivery option for your address to make sure there are no delays in getting your product to your door.

Can I pick up my product?

Some deals have a 'click & collect' option and details will be displayed in the conditions. If you live within reach of the pick-up address and have the neccessary transport, it's a great way to save even more!

I've received a coupon for a delivery deal, what do I do?

Some product deals require you to order online directly from the supplier. This is usually the case when they are making personalised or custom products to order and need more information from you.

Simply follow the instructions on the voucher under 'How to use this', and any additional instructions on the supplier's website, and your product will be dispatched to you as advised.

What should I do if my delivery is late?

If your delivery hasn't arrived by the advise estimated delivery date we ask that you allow 48 hours for normal delays which can affect delivery times. If after this time your delivery still hasn't arrived please contact us through the website.

Can I get tracking info on my delivery?

If your delivery hasn't arrived 48 hours after the estimated delivery date (see above) we can request tracking information for your order from the merchant. Please contact us to request this and we'll be happy to help!

My order has been delivered however its faulty, what are my options?

We understand that this can be troublesome, but we are more than happy help you with faulty products so please contact us through the website. We encourage you to have an image of the fault ready as we will require this in order to arrange a remedy for you.

Before you purchase any deal, make sure you read the conditions – these contain all the information about shipping costs, timeframes and whether a pickup option is available.

Please note that we can only deliver to New Zealand addresses.

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