iPhone OEM Screen Replacement - Options for iPhone 5 up to iPhone 6s Plus
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  • You whip out your new iPhone from your pocket to show your friend that funny meme, and it slips, flying straight from your fumbling hands onto your worst nightmare - the concrete. 
  • That nauseating crunch sound. Your screen is in pieces. The iPhone is somehow working beneath it, but it looks like a wreck. 
  • All hope is not lost, fortunately for you the team at iMate Technology have a great deal for an iPhone screen repair. 
  • Open Monday to Saturday, give them a call today and get that cracked screen sorted. 
  • Choose to have your iPhone repaired at the store in City Centre or if you're short on time, they will come out and do the work whenever you are.

Grab an iPhone OEM screen replacement from iMate Technology. 

Choose from eight options:

  • $39 for iPhone 5 In-Store
  • $59 for iPhone 5 Call Out Repair 
  • $69 for iPhone 6/6 Plus In-Store
  • $89 for iPhone 6/6 Plus Call Out Repair 
  • $89 for iPhone 6s/6s Plus In-Store
  • $109 for iPhone 6s/6s Plus Call Out Repair
  • $109 for iPhone 7/ 7 Plus In-Store 
  • $129 for iPhone 7/7 Plus Call Out Repair