Six Week Health & Fitness Challenge for One Person Six Week Health & Fitness Challenge for One Person
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  • If you've been feeling lousy about your health and been thinking about challenging yourself to improve your lifestyle, then reaching out to Doreen for a six week healthy & fitness challenge might be just what you need. 
  • With classes suitable for all fitness levels, anyone is welcome to come and make the most of Doreen's expertise and as an Advanced Certified Personal Trainer she's dedicated to helping you on your fitness journey. 
  • Prior to training, Doreen will also do a health assessment to get an understanding of your individual abilities and fitness goals so your workouts will be
  • Then you'll get to do boxing, cardio and strength training classes, to target all areas of your body. 
  • This is a great first step for those wanting to achieve the fitness lifestyle they've been dreaming of and an awesome way to maintain healthy habits for those who are already active.

Grab a six-week health & fitness challenge for $89 from Fit Finatics.