Six-Week CrossCore Classes Six-Week CrossCore Classes Six-Week CrossCore Classes Six-Week CrossCore Classes


  • Get ready and grab a six-pack and this time not a six-pack of beers - it's time to get serious about those fitness goals.
  • Whether you are a total beginner or a master of the craft, the suspended apparatus workouts will challenge even the seasoned pros, pushing you out of your comfort zones and beyond. 
  • CrossCore is safe for tired and sore bodies as most of the style is low-impact designed around body weight suspension and resistance, focusing on building strength and cardiovascular fitness. 
  • CrossCore offers a point of difference with the unique element of rotation and an option to lock out the apparatus compared to other types of suspension training, meaning you can adapt the exercises to build and target functional strength. 
  • Getting cheese grater abs will never feel so simple, and time will fly by while you are having fun. CrossCore is the perfect addition to any 2019 goals.
Grab a six-weeks of CrossCore classes for $99 from Float Fitness.
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