Six-Week Kickboxing Fitness Course for One Person Six-Week Kickboxing Fitness Course for One Person


  • Combining unique, dynamic and fast-moving techniques, Multi-Style Martial Arts is a thoroughly modern way for the whole family to get fit, make new friends and have loads of fun.
  • Not only is this an exciting way of getting into shape, but you will be ready for anything and everything after you learn some great self-defence skills. Don't be surprised when the NZ Defence Force starts recruiting you after a few of these classes. 
  • Learning unarmed combat is a nuanced martial sport that builds your ability to become agile of mind and foot, while you lean out in muscle tone.
  • The team bring discipline and fun together with the latest up-to-date training methods from around the world to ensure you are getting more than your money worth in every well-aimed punch.
Grab a six-week kickboxing fitness course for $29 from Multi-Style Martial Arts.
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