10 Boxfit Classes - Monday 6.30pm, Wednesday 6.00am & 6.30pm 10 Boxfit Classes - Monday 6.30pm, Wednesday 6.00am & 6.30pm


  • Exciting, lively and a great stress relief - boxing classes are the fun way to get fit fast.
  • The Performance Room can't guarantee you will be up to Muhammed Ali's standard at the end of your 10 classes, but you're defiantly going to leave each class with a some new found motivation and a positive outlook on exercise. 
  • Let the friendly and well-informed staff at The Performance Room guide you along your fitness journey, the team are dedicated to providing a fun and welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels.
  • With a strong sense of community within the gym, it won't be long before you adopt a passion for fitness and find yourself looking forward to your next gym session.
  • Classes start on the 7th January and run each Monday at 6.30pm, and Wednesday at 6.00am & 6.30pm.

Grab 10 Boxfit classes for $49 from The Performance Room.

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