Two Cans of Organic Fly Spray & Dispenser - Options for Refill Pack or Farm Pack


  • With the humidity and rain, it’s not just the flies – the ants are invading
  • Let the Swat team tell flies and insects to buzz off this summer with an organic fly repellent.
  • Made from natural and organic ingredients. The spray is potent for flies and insects but will go unnoticed by you and your family.
  • Urban and rural delivery options available

Grab organic fly spray and dispenser from KiwiOrganix. 

Choose from three options:  

  • $44.95 for a Starter Pack (Two Cans & Dispenser)
  • $54.95 for a Refill Pack (Four Cans)
  • $109.95 for a Farm Pack (Four Cans & Two Dispensers)
$58.90 $44.95
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