Dental Examination, Two X-Rays, Clean, Scale & Polish Dental Examination, Two X-Rays, Clean, Scale & Polish


  • Visit Lakes Care Dental Centre, right in the heart of the city, for a comprehensive checkup that'll give you new confidence in your smile.
  • Their experienced dentist will give you an in-depth checkout, including a couple of oral x-rays to really pinpoint any potential issues and to determine the best course of action.
  • Once they've got the tricky stuff sorted, you'll get a full scale and polish, ensuring that you'll walk out with teeth a whole lot more gleaming than before.
  • They're located handily on Arawa Street, so make a booking whenever you can and get your mouth looking and feeling magnificent. 

Grab a dental examination, two x-rays, clean, scale and polish for $130 from Lakes Care Dental Centre. 

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