One All-Ceramic Emax Crown One All-Ceramic Emax Crown One All-Ceramic Emax Crown


  • Emax crowns are all-ceramic prostheses and are rapidly gaining widespread popularity in cosmetic dentistry due to their excellent aesthetics, durability, and strength.
  • Emax crowns are an ideal cosmetic solution for the correction of stained, crooked, or fractured teeth or root canals.
  • A digital impression of your teeth will be made, then transmitted to the computer that controls the milling of the lithium disilicate, and matched in your natural shade by the dentist.
  • Based on one of the main roads into the CBD and with plenty of free easy-access parking, a trip to the dentist couldn't be easier.
  • Quay Street Dental has state of the art practice that provides your teeth with up-to-date treatments you can trust.
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