Ear Wax Removal with Micro-Suction for One Person Ear Wax Removal with Micro-Suction for One Person


  • Do your ears feel blocked, itchy or sore? Or are you just experiencing some difficulty in hearing, then perhaps what you need is a good old cleaning of your ears.
  • Unlike ear syringing and ear irrigation, micro-suction is a safe method that ear, nose and throat specialists perform to remove ear wax and/or foreign body.
  • The reason is that micro-suction safely removes wax using pinpoint accuracy, rather than pushing anything into the eardrum.
  • Phoenix Healthcare is a family owned healthcare organisation, with offices and clinic in Christchurch and now Auckland, they are a holistic healthcare provider.
  • With an easy central location in the heart of Christchurch, you won't need to go far to keep your ears happy and healthy.
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