Pre-Season Pool & Equipment Preventative Maintenance Package Pre-Season Pool & Equipment Preventative Maintenance Package


  • Maintenance is key for all of your equipment and can often help to avoid costly repairs. 
  • Auckland Pool and Heating Services are more than happy to advise the best maintenance plan for your spa or pool. 
  • If a problem is detected they are also available for servicing those repairs for your pool and it's heating equipment.
  • They also offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance package and full swimming pool valet service to minimise equipment breakdowns and keep your pool crystal clear all year round.
  • This includes heat pumps, salt chlorinators and water purifiers, filtration systems, pumps and all other related pool & spa equipment.

Grab a pre-season pool & equipment preventative maintenance package for $89 from Auckland Pool and Heating Services.

*No commercial pools valid with this deal, for this service enquire with the merchant directly.

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