$150 Voucher Towards a Top of the Range Toshiba Heat Pump PKVG16


  • This stellar voucher is valid towards a Toshiba heat Pump PKVG16. Suitable for a 45m square area, this heat pump is perfect for keeping your main living area toasty and warm.
  • With eco-friendly features that utilise maximum energy efficiency, you can reduce the impact this heat pump has on the environment and your wallet.
  • The magic coil allows self-cleaning to avoid bacteria and allergens accumulation, and it means you can sit back and relax in your perfectly comfortable home.
  • With finance options available and a six-year warranty, this offer ticks all the boxes.
  • The all-inclusive rate is $2350 including GST and back-to-back installation for a five-metre pipe.

Grab a $150 voucher towards a top of the range Toshiba Heat Pump PKVG16 for $50 from Ocean Contracting.

$150 $50
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