Mitsubishi 3.2Kw Inverter Heat Pump incl. Installation - Options up to 5.8Kw


  • Keep your home at an ideal temperature all year long, throughout each season with a heat pump from the team at SwitchSmart Engineering Services.
  • The friendly and professional team at SwitchSmart coupled with the trusty Mitsubishi branded Heatpump will have you home warm and dry in no time.
  • Installations available seven days a week - see fine print for details.
Grab a Mitsubishi heat pump incl. installation from SwitchSmart Engineering Services.
Choose from four options:
  • $1,899 for a Mitsubishi 3.2Kw Inverter Heat Pump 
  • $1,999 for a Mitsubishi 3.7Kw Inverter Heat Pump
  • $2,349 for a Mitsubishi 5.4Kw Inverter Heat Pump
  • $2,449 for a Mitsubishi 5.8Kw Inverter Heat Pump