Domestic Deep Clean - Options For One, Two, Three, Four & Five Bedrooms


  • Health and Safety are Perfect Klean's top priority. Their commitment is to continually improve their cleaning methods and procedures to improve their services.
  • They aim to reduce environmental impact and reduce potential harm to human health, protecting the health of building occupants and their cleaners.
  • They use separate tools for different cleaning tasks and areas. Their colour coded mop heads, microfiber cloths and cleaning chemicals to prevent cross contamination, enhances building safety and prevents chemical misuse. 

Grab domestic deep clean from Perfect Klean.

Choose from five options:

  • $89 for One Bedroom
  • $159 for Two Bedrooms
  • $199 for Three Bedrooms
  • $249 for Four Bedrooms
  • $299 for Five Bedrooms

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