Donate to Pet Refuge - Seresto Collar for Cats


  • With Seresto® flea and tick collars for cats, one collar provides effective flea and tick protection for eight months.
  • The collar kills fleas and flea larvae through contact with your pet’s skin and hair, and also repels ticks.
  • With a consistent low dose of active ingredients, it ensures safe long-lasting protection.
  • The collar is easy to apply, as well as odourless and water-resistant .
  • Seresto for cats includes a double safety system, with a ratchet-release mechanism and pre-determined breaking point in the unlikely event of your pet becoming trapped.
  • Click ‘Buy’ to read about the Pet Refuge crowd funding campaign and purchase your ‘reward’ down the right hand side of the page.

Grab a Seresto collar for cats for $95 with all proceeds going to Pet Refuge New Zealand Charitable Trust.

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