Donate to Pet Refuge - Cat Dry & Treat Pack


  • Whiskas Dry comes in a 4kg pack and is made from real chicken, salmon or tuna.
  • Whiskas Meaty Selections has a good level of protein that provides complete nutrition to your cats along with taste. Also, the crispy kibble and soft meaty centre of delicious pockets adds more taste
  • Your cat will love breaking through the Temptations Tasty Chicken cat treats soft, savoury centre wrapped in a crunchy shell.
  • Temptations weigh 454g and are foil packed for freshness and come in a variety of delicious flavours.
  • Click ‘Buy’ to read about the Pet Refuge crowd funding campaign and purchase your ‘reward’ down the right hand side of the page"

Grab a cat dry and treat pack for $50 with all proceeds going to Pet Refuge New Zealand Charitable Trust

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