Japanese Fusion Sharing Banquet for Two Japanese Fusion Sharing Banquet for Two


  • Why fly to Japan when you can walk down Tory Street and experience a flavour explosion of Japanese Fusion.
  • But what is delectable food without a divine atmosphere - Enoki boasts oodles of atmosphere and wonderful staff to round it all off.
  • Let your taste buds dance with an appetiser and main platter.
  • Try Peking duck wraps, tempura vege's, slow-cooked daikon, beef ribs and much more, with up to seven friends.

Say Kon'nichiwa to a Japanese fusion sharing banquet for up to seven people from Enoki Resturant and Bar.

Choose from five options:

  • $77 for two people
  • $116 for three people
  • $194 for five people
  • $272 for seven people
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