Five Beginner Modern Jive Classes & Social Dancing


  • Much more than just dance classes, a night with iDance is social, easy and all about that great Wellington vibe. You'll meet people, have a laugh and wonder why you didn't start sooner.
  • These classes are perfect for beginners who have never danced before and have been thinking about giving social dancing a go. 
  • They use great dancing music from today's pop charts to salsa, jive, blues, swing and tango. 
  • Head down with a mate, a partner, a group of friends, or go along to meet some new people. 
  • No need to book, just come along at 10 minutes before the start of the evening.
  • Groups are large, with up to 100 people per class - if you're nervous, don't be, you'll blend right in with the fun crowd.

Grab five beginner modern jive classes and social dancing for $25 from iDance.

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