Microsoft Excel for Business Online Course Microsoft Excel for Business Online Course


  • Microsoft Excel for Business will take your Excel to the next level, and allow you to impress your boss or keep driving your business forward.
  • This course will provide a masterclass in advanced excel skills which will allow you to master powerful analytics tools and present data in new and exciting ways.
  • Leading you through this course will be Chris Dutton, the founder of Excel Maven whose passion for Excel led to him to become a Certified Microsoft Excel Expert.
  • Chris specialises in using innovative, hands-on online courses to get students up to speed and has taught thousands of students in the past seven years to use Excel like a master.
  • If you want to master Excel and banish those spreadsheet fears take this course.
  • View the full course details here.

Grab a Microsoft Excel for Business online course for $19 from OfCourse Learning.

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