Voucher Guarantee

How does it work?
  1. A voucher is valid up to and including the expiry date stated.

  2. If you don't use your voucher before that date for whatever reason, it can still be used towards that service with that business for an additional 30 days.

For example, if you buy a bungy jump deal but don’t use it before the expiry date, you can still use the amount you paid for the voucher towards a bungy jump, for another 30 days.

A few things to note:
  • The GrabOne Voucher Guarantee does not apply to product deals, travel and accommodation-related deals, or time-dependent event deals.

  • It's always best to use your voucher before the expiry date, so you get the most value for your money. And if you're a bit forgetful, we now automatically remind you if your vouchers are about to expire.

  • During the extended Voucher Guarantee period, your voucher can only be put towards the service stated on the voucher.

  • If the offer is seasonal, like a seasonal menu or chimney sweep service, the Voucher Guarantee can be put towards a similar offer at the merchant's discretion.

  • The conditions on your voucher still apply during the Voucher Guarantee period.